LINKSYS was founded in 1988 with a vision that networking products would become an
affordable commodity, allowing anyone to share documents, files, mail, and most of all,
ideas between people.
Over the past years, LINKSYS has become the leader in sales of wireless, routers, network
cards and USB adapters to the Home and Small business user through retail and e-
commerce channels.
Linksys is one of Belkin brands to enhance the technology that connects people, activities
and experiences. Belkin products are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use, while
our Linksys brand helped make wireless connectivity mainstream around the globe.
At Belkin International, products are created to help people realize the power of technology
and make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling. This has been Belkin’s mission
since its inception in 1983.
Silicon21 has started a distribution agreement with LINKSYS, as previously being part of
Cisco Systems in 2004. And now the relation continues with Belkin.